Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why custom framing?

Because your framer can help choose the correct mat board, frame, backing, glass for your artwork or memorabilia to match your home decor.

Q: Why conservation framing?

Because it will protect your investment for your lifetime all your matboards, backing , glass are selected accordingly with specs required.

Q: Why is jersey framing so technical?

In most cases jerseys are signed by a team or individual well known football player like for example Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid therefore needs to be stretched properly with stainless steel pins for not to rust you need to keep in its original state so you jersey investment keeps its value.

Q: Why use conservation glass?

The reason its simple, so it doesn’t fade for example on your water colors and valuable paintings.

Q: Why is important to choose a tidy store or framer for my artwork?

It reflects on the work your chance of having your work taking batter care in a tidy shop is up 100%Β better, clean store, clean workshop its very important as you will find that your valuable piece beΒ better taken care of, I find very important.

We are happy to help you

Whenever you need some advice we are more than happy to help guide you in the best way possible with Framing, Canvas Printing and with our processes involved as well as advise the best possible way to display and complete your particular project.